In ancient China, people tried to give their children ugly names, believing that this way you can scare away evil spirits and preserve the child's health, but by now this tradition has ceased to exist. Now, in China, the practice is gaining momentum with the help of a name to single out a child by gender, i.e. girls are often called names that symbolize beauty, happiness, precious stones. While they try to give boys more masculine hieroglyphs, names meaning "tiger" or "dragon" have become widespread. If you want to highlight the child, then for this it is worth giving him the name of the great Chinese figure.

In this Chinese name generator, you can choose any in English. Our database contains many names from men to women, from children for boys and girls, to very adults for grandmother and grandfather. To create 5 randomly generated names, click the corresponding button below. If you suddenly do not like the names, you can update the list by clicking the button again.

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