According to the law, in Sweden you can choose a name from about 1000 registered ones. Naturally among these are the classic names of Scandinavian origin. Double names and sometimes triple names are also common. If parents want to call their child a more original name that is not included in the registered ones, they will have to obtain permission from the court, and also pay tax to the name. And if names like Google or Lego can still be challenged in court, then there are names that give the impression that the passport officer just fell asleep on the keyboard and pressed "Save".

In this Swedish name generator, you can choose any in English. Our database contains many names from men to women, from children for boys and girls, to very adults for grandmother and grandfather. To create 5 randomly generated names, click the corresponding button below. If you suddenly do not like the names, you can update the list by clicking the button again.

- Have a good use!

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